Traveling and looking for a reputable lash stylist? xtreme is a great brand that can help you locate one wherever you travel!
— Sabrina, Lash Stylist

Xtreme Lash Extensions

XTREME LASH EXTENSIONS [ 90 minutes ] $200

xtreme lashes semi-permanent eyelash extensions are natural-looking, synthetic eyelashes applied one by one to each individual natural lash.

reflexology $40

XTREME RELASH  [ 60 minutes ] $75

keep your lashes looking full and healthy with regular visits for maintenance

reflexology $40

PROPER REMOVAL $25 [ per 15 minutes ]

this treatment is needed if you have had extensions on for a long period of time and would like to give them a short break…we know you won’t want to be without them for too long! consult with your lash expert to discuss conditioning and special care for optimal lash health!

treatment includes a cool cucumber compress


xtreme lashes

lash extension aftercare

do not wash eyes, avoid steam & sweat for 24 hours after application.

avoid strong heat [ all house work ]

avoid rubbing & pulling your eyelashes

avoid oil-based & waterproof mascaras & makeup removers

only use extension safe mascaras

do not use eyelash curler

comb & clean extensions with lash cleaner daily

schedule a relash appointment every 2-3 weeks to maintain your lashes