Organic Custom Facials

The Local 60min / 100 | 90 min / 150

We offer custom facials for 60 and 90 minutes for those that don't know what facial to chose. This allows us to schedule you time with our holistic estheticians to give your skin what it needs.

We use Osea skincare products in our facials along with complimentary organic, vegan skincare products we know are good for you and your skin.

Face Lift Facial 175

This facial is inclusive of all the customary steps of our regular custom facial and also includes the coveted Connective Tissue Massage. This is a hands on anti-aging technique that provides lifting, toning and rejuvenation of the tissues of the face. This leaves you toned, firmed and balanced while accelerating collagen production. In this treatment we use our organic + vegan Osea firming products and always give additional love to the feet and scalp. This treatment taps into the para-sympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation.

Audrey has been a holistic esthetician for 20+ years and can make a difference not only in your skin, but your overall appearance as well as confidence in your healthy, glowing skin and product knowledge which is key! What are you doing at home for your skin? Audrey will help educate you to help maximize your budget, your time and your skincare routine.


Matcha Matcha Man Facial 150

Modern Man 100

The Traveler 150

Vitamin-Sea to Desert Facial 100

Grounded 75

Desert Glow Facial 75

Heading to an event? Not a lot of time? We created this facial treatment to give you the customization your skin needs for an evening out. Start with an organic ocean cleanse, a yummy enzyme exfoliation, and a calming mask to get rid of the dull and bring on the glow!

Osea Organic Back Facial 100

Similar to a regular facial, only this will focus on the back where we have trouble skin, breakouts, and a difficult time exfoliating. We recommend this treatment once per month to control excess oil and to reduce breakouts.


+ facial add ons

Organic Foot Scrubs 25 : Enjoy a foot scrub added onto your facial. Choose between coffee, lavender + grapefruit, vanilla + coconut, and peppermint + rosemary. 

*Our foot scrubs are not only vegan + organic, they're also locally curated by our friend Tanya @ModernLuxxe

High Frequency 25 : This treatment is added onto a facial [ not scheduled solo ] to stimulate cell renewal by gently warming the tissues of the skin. This treatment aids in product penetration to prevent stubborn acne, reduce the appearance of  enlarged pores and fine lines, reduce puffy eyes and dark circles, and can even help stimulate the scalp and nourish hair follicles for healthier hair growth.

*Included in our 90min facials

Microdermabrasion 50 : Microdermabrasion is a mild exfoliation process that removes dry, dead skin from the outer most layer to reveal your fresh skin below. Using our diamond machine leaves you feeling fresh and exfoliated with a glowing complexion. Add this onto a facial of your choice.

Custom Peel 25 : Enjoy a customized peel add-on to your facial. Your esthetician will take a good look at your skin to determine which is the right one for your skin type; glycolic, lactic, or salicylic. 

Body Treatments

Organic Spray Tan 40

Hydration Bodywrap 60min 150

Begin your body treatment with a gentle sacral rock, synchronizing your breathing while slowing down with each breath. Next, a light dry brushing will of the front of the body to encourage circulation as well as acting as an exfoliant. Enjoy a warmed neck roll along with cooling pads to complement and calm the nervous system.

The first mask of white algae is applied, including the back, extremities, and abdomen. Next, unwind with a warm body wrap while your esthetician applies a cotton face mask dipped in warmed gigartina [ seaweed ]. While that melts you into bliss, enjoy a scalp massage along with a vagus nerve oil to calm and relax you even more. The remainder of the treatment includes hydration to the entire body.

Organic Body Scrub 60min 125

Enjoy a full-body exfoliation with this fine-grain body polish that gently exfoliates away surface impurities and dead skin with a bioscrub blend of Acai, Rice Powder, and Pumice while Hemp and Passion Fruit seed oils infuse skin with omega essential fatty acids. An uplifting aromatherapy blend of Melissa, Lemon Grass, and Bulgarian Lavender help promote a relaxed state of mind.

*For those looking for a relaxing service, this is not for you! You will be moved and scrubbed, but you will leave super soft and sexy

Desert Luxxe 225

This 90-minute body treatment includes both the organic body scrub as well as the hydration wrap and leaves you feeling soft and hydrated.


We Have The Best Customers

I love love love Elizabeth's work!!! Her eyelash application is perfect and she really knows what she is doing. It literally didn't even feel like I had extensions on. I recommend her to the fullest! if you're ever looking to get a gorgeous set Elizabeth is your girl. I was new to lashes about three months ago, now I am addicted. I dont even have to put mascara anymore.

The atmosphere and place is so relaxing, intimate and all in all just so cute! Oh, and don't get me started on the beds... SO COMFY!

Best part of the whole experience was that you can truly tell that Elizabeth loves what she does and her passion truly shows in her sets! So in love and will always go back to see her.

Marion Strachan

I recently got a facial at Grounded Bodyworks with Stephanie. I was looking for something hydrating right before my wedding and Jenn (the lovely owner) recommended the Osea hydrating facial (I am sure that's not the exact name for the facial, perhaps that is the brand they use) and she was right—that is exactly what I needed before my wedding; something super hydrating and glowy that wouldn't irritate my skin or make me breakout which is normal after a regular facial.

After that I have been using Osea products in my daily routine because they are clean (they do not contain harsh chemicals) and the products actually work! They also have them for purchase as well, and I cannot wait to have another facial soon. I highly recommend it.

Erika Flannery

"Clean" Beauty Blogger

Awesome massage and salon experience at Grounded Bodyworks. Linda is a great masseur! I highly recommend this beautiful day spa.

Steven Roffers


Linda is great at therapeutic/sports massage – my job is high stress and my passion is tennis so I go to Linda so she can perform her magic and keep my body aligned and loose. She utilizes cupping in conjunction with massage to keep my muscles loose and joints flexible – with the use of the cups it truly is a deep tissue massage. I would recommend Linda to anyone who is looking for a great treatment whether you have a sports injury or not.

Peggy Trott

General Manager