Finally! An alternative to lash extensions!
— Jenn, a loyal client

yumi Lash Lift

With this procedure your natural lashes are lifted up and filled with a special pigment infusion. As a result, you have thick, dark lashes and that beautiful curve upwards. This creates the universally desired “open eye” look.

The boosting and lifting effect lasts for 8-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash. The treatment also involves the application of coenzymeQ10 gel pads to the under-eye area, which have anti-aging properties.

Lashes can be transformed to make a dramatic impact and enhance the eyes. There are no false lashes attached or any harmful adhesives used. This innovative treatment works by boosting and lifting each individual lash, then tinting them for a thicker, darker and longer looking lash which will last for 8-12 weeks.

This NEW Lash treatment will lend a remarkable amount of length, thickness and uplift to your natural eyelashes.

All the clients who have tried the YUMI LASH treatment have been delighted, and return every 8-12 weeks.

This is not perm eyelashes! YumiLashes technology uses new innovations based on the improvement of the natural structure of each cilium.

-The effect lasts up to 3 months

-NO lash extension
-NO lash growth formula or mascara
-NO lash curling perm

YUMILashes is the #1 World Wide lash lift because we are:

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Cruelty free

  • Non-toxic

  • No harsh chemicals

  • Paraben free 

  • Formaldehyde-free 

  • Ammonia free 

Yumi Lash lift $150

Yumi Keratin Mascara $75    [ in stock now ]

The Keratin Mascara strengthens and condition your lashes in between lash lift treatments. The Keratin in this keratin mascara gives a clear glitzy gloss to your lashes. The main component is keratin which coats each eyelash, penetrates into, recovers lash structure and solves different problems.

Nourish Your Lashes

Keratin nourishes lash structure, ensures healthy lash growth, it will recover also the lash structure (glues cuticles) Nourish your lashes, Keep your lashes less dry and fragile. Use it also as a primer before your black mascara. It will keep the lift and tint you just got in better condition, and it def will give you a better results for the lash lifting treatment. It also will protect your lashes from the effect of the sun, wind, water.

Contribute to the growth of your lashes and prevent them from falling. Make your lashes more elastic and shiny. And YES it been known to put it on your eyebrow too

Pre-Treatment Procedures

1. Eyelash extensions should be removed at least 3-5 days prior to appointment.

2. For best results, do not use waterproof mascara or a lash curler, 5 days prior to your appointment.

3. Do not wear eye makeup to your appointment. Including mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc.

4. If needed, remove eye makeup with oil-free makeup remover.

5. It is recommended to wash your hair prior to your appointment.

6. Every client must sign a liability waiver prior to treatment. 

Post-treatment Procedures

1. Absolutely no mascara [including yumi Lashes Keratin Mascara], eyeliner, lash growth serums, lash extensions, or eye creams for 48 hours.

2. No water, steam, or heavy exercising that would cause excessive sweating for 48 hours [this includes housework. You're welcome].

3. Only body showers are recommended.

4. Use makeup remover wipes to clean face.

5. Yumi Lashes Keratin Mascara is highly recommended and can be used morning and evening after the first 48 hours of the treatment.