Grounded is a bodywork studio based in Palm Springs, CA . With emphasis on mind + body treatments, Grounded practices thoughtful and quality treatments to promote both physical and mental well-being.

Our holistic approach comes through in all of our services that we offer, using only the highest of quality products and skilled therapists. 

Images provided by Elena Ray Photography


Jenn, Director of Spa

Ali, Director of Bodywork

  • Al, massage therapist
  • Dennis, Massage Therapist + Reiki practitioner + reflexologist
  • Giselle, Massage Therapist
  • Landen, Massage Therapist
  • Leslie, massage therapist
  • Linda, Massage Therapist + reflexologist
  • susanne Massage Therapist + Reiki practitioner + reflexologist
  • Toepfer. [ toe-fer ] massage therapist

Eve Gradia, nail + meditation specialist + Reiki practitioner + cosmotologist

wedding + skin + hair experts

Lisa Monique, wedding hair + makeup specialist

Lynn Bussing, Esthetician + Lash Specialist + sugarer

Sabrina Ginsburg, Esthetician + Lash Specialist + pro makeup specialist